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Lorez Alexandria – Baltimore Oriole


Mention the song Baltimore Oriole to a jazz muzo and they are more likely to credit Lorez Alexandria rather than the better-known Hoagy Carmicheal, who penned the song in the late ë30s. No doubt this is due to the fact that Lorez recorded no less than 3 versions of the song over her long and illustrious career as a jazz singer. Weíre already fans of Lorez (listen to ëSend in the Clownsí JM.005), so weíre proud to present a double-showing of the first two of her recordings of ëBaltimore Orioleí. A native to Chicago, it was only natural that the once-gospel singer recorded her first LP there. Side one was recorded for the King record label in 1957 and is taken from her debut LP ëThis is Lorezí. Side 2 was recorded for Argo in 1963, also in Chicago, and released on the LP ëFor Swingers Onlyí. Ronald Wilson plays flute on both recordings, a cool instrument that adds much to the mood and the mode of the song. And what a song! Not your usual 16 bar blues or 4 to the floor, here is a song that is unique that stands out proud like the very bird it reflects. Lorez is great at interpreting lyrics, she swings high then low, and always with poignance, reflection and great, great soul. Listen to the words, listen to the music, play both sides and compare, and enjoy.

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