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Funky Instrumentals Vol 2: Ken Morimura/ The Soultwisters – Descarga Pati/ Soulpudding


Tokyo born musician Ken Morimura has been involved in the Japanese music industry as an artist playing keyboards and arranging for the last thirty years after learning classical piano from the age of five. Ken´s passion lies in south american music resulting in him travelling to Cuba each and every year on a pilgrimage for knowledge and understanding of the music that continues to inspire him.

Nik Weston first came across Ken Morimura´s Descarga Pa´ Ti way back in 2002 & included it on the Japanese artist compilation he compiled for Aosis/Victor Music released in 2003 (Japan only). This is the first time this track has been released on vinyl and the first time that it´s been available outside of Japan on any kind of format. Descarga Pa´ ti is an irresistible latin dance floor bomb that hits the spot each and every time �Try sitting still to this one !

The Soultwisters are a four piece instrumental band from Finland playing a mixture of funk, soul & jazzy tinged party music. The band comprises of Panu Syrjamen(sax),Luumu Kaikkonen(guitar),Mikko Vuorela(bass) and Leevi Leppanen (drums).The members are well known in the Finnish live music and studio session scene and begun playing live in 2005. The brass led funk track Soulpudding is a highlight of their live performance and this is the band´s debut release.

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