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Soul’n’Soda – Mokkascience


As a promising new outfit, how do you achieve accomodation from your favourite label?

Simple as that:

Send a demo with a mad sound recipe and promptly get invited for an audition in Stereo Deluxeís soul food kitchen…

Usually, it is not that simple, but it worked with Stereo Deluxe and SoulíníSoda! How did it come in addition?

Three young humans met in the grim winter of 98, in order to proceed together despite or even because of their different tastes in music – different from like Moodorama or Moí Horizons, whose protagonists came from the same or at least related musical directions.

Anyways, the result is similarly exciting.

For Stereo Deluxe, the flavouring mixture is important … and Soul ‘n’ Soda seem to have the perfect recipe … Brasil, Downbeat, House Tunes all thrown into a big pot, stirred and mixed, deliciously peppered with fine jazz, terrifically garnished with Soul and Latin and then served with a funky flavour …

The base of the respective musical dishes usually are ësampledí ingredients, which are transformed and transferred with the greatest of ease into other taste connections and adjustments.

They become part of a new whole one, the song menu gets the crucial component, its special flavour develops.

The mixture obtains a life of its own … Markus Girrulat, Markus Driessen and Daniel Goertz make us and you water your mouth with their appetite-energizing Soul ‘n’ Soda sound …

Markus G. acts as Boss de Cuisine (he keeps an eye on the main ingredients, playing with the key boards), Markus D. works as the Sous Boss (he is dj and passionate vinyl collector, always keeping an eye out on the scene for new ësampledí ingredients), Daniel G. is the Saucier (djíing, mixing, arranging the song menus together with the others) is responsible for the icing as Patissier.

Sold out!

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