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DJ Jazzy Jeff – The Magnificient


1) We live n PhillyÖI always loved the Roy Ayers jawnÖI thought it would
b phatt 2 do a remakeÖmy man ?uestlove came in an laced the drums n
percussionÖhe iz hands down the most incredible drummer Ive ever
heard n hez from PhillyÖthat guy can b a human drum machineÖthank u
dawgÖP Smoovah laced the bassÖold school styleÖ no 1 has the bass
feel he hazÖPete (white chocolate) Kuzma laid da keys Jus like dey did
on the original jointÖChuck Treese laid guitarz lovelyÖLarry Gold did da
stringz n da arrangementÖhez da man 4 dat shitÖthank you 4 the
flavaÖthen Jill Scott came n an laid the icing on the cake with a lovely
journey through the dayz n Philly historyÖI love u babeÖthank youÖI held
the record up till u came home from tourÖit waz well worth the waitÖ
2) We areÖthis song moves me cause it has a purpose seeing that so
many songz don t now a dayzÖu can hear the emotion that Cy n Raheem
giveÖI wish there were more songz like thisÖbangin wit a purpose
3) Charmed LifeÖI ve been a fan of J Live 4 a long timeÖhe z a true
mcÖthis iz 1 of my favorite trackzÖwhen he picked this beat I waz like
damn cause I loved it so much az an instrumentalÖwhen he laced it wit a
small piece of hiz life it jus put the icing on the cakeÖthank u J Live for
being what we need more ofÖtrue m.c.z
4) Shake It OffÖwowÖtalk about last minuteÖthe night b4 we finished all
the mixing Kev Brown n Chef Word come up wit this shitÖI m mixin “We
Live n Philly,” n go n the other room n hear this shitÖI waz like letz finish n
mix this shitÖdatz rite Chef WordÖb that cat I know u can beÖthanx
5) In TimeÖthis iz the 1st of many collabz with Masters @ WorkÖmy
friendship with these guyz go back along wayÖme n Kenny met about 8
years ago n he z been like a brother 2 me ever sinceÖI worked with them
on the Nuyorican SoulÖwe always talked about a colabÖthis waz
itÖMAW comin wit tha dance side/ATOJ comin from da soul sideÖwhat a
great comboÖmy man Vee haz been wit me 4 a long timeÖwe been thru
a lot of the industry shit 2gethaÖthank u 4 being 1 of the dopest vocalist n
the worldÖhistory iz being made az we speakÖthank u and 2 my brothaz
from the 3rd member of MAWÖthank u
6) 4 Da Love of the GameÖKenwood inspired this 1 by comin in while I
waz messin around sayin datz phattÖP Smoovah grabbed the
bassÖPete sat @ the RhodesÖVee sang some shitÖPaul walked in an
said”4 the love of the game” Blak sat down wit Paul n wrote itÖall this n
about an hrÖand it feelz so goodÖthat s what I love about how we do
what we doÖitz never plannedÖdatz ATOJ
7) Don t u Know ur HoodÖwowÖcould this b a concept songÖPauly
Yamz wanted 2 talk about catz n da hood that think dey know what z goin
onÖbut really don t/Chef Word iz on all the shit dat u know about ur
hoodÖwere 2 eat, where 2 go or not 2 goÖetc Jus another day n da
hoodÖya know
8) ScramÖme n Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles have been cool 4 a
whileÖKev Brown really wanted 2 work wit him so he made a beat cd n
we got it 2 himÖhe picked a beat n came downÖnow u know a veteran
when u can come n and lay down a whole joint n 20 minzÖand it phatt az
shitÖthanx 4 keepin it real dawg
9) Break it downÖthis iz a jemÖj live laced me on da lyriczÖP Smoovah
(da golden child) laced da beatÖp might b the most versatile musik cat I
ever metÖthen I came up with a great ideaÖI m fanz of a whole lot of djz
so y not have a tribute 2 all turntablist n get a bunch of the dopest cat I
know 2 do cutz on itÖI couldn t get all the 1z I really wantedÖbut I damn
sure got enuffÖdjzÖSpinbad, Kwestion, Obi Won, Avee, soul one, Jay
Ski, Xcel, Sat One, Dirty Ice, Spin One, Babu, Qbert and RevolutionÖthank
u allÖI have the utmost respect 4 all of u
10) How I doÖShawn StockmanÖu know from Boys II MenÖwe always
talked about doin something 2getherÖfunny thing iz this happen from a
drop by visit from himÖthatz what I m talking boutÖjus do itÖhe came wit
some new different shitÖgreat brotha 2 knowÖCy Yeezy laced da rhymes
as alwaysÖdat how we doÖhaha
11) Musik LoungeÖKev Brown iz the most unselfish producer I knowÖhe
hooked me up wit Kenwood and he introduced me 2 hiz man AmirÖAmir
came up n played me some beatz that were dopeÖbut I waz tryin 2 get
Kev Brown rollin so he went back 2 MarylandÖhe waz determine 2 get
back 2 ATOJ n do some shitÖ8 monthz later he gave Kev a beat cd wit
this song on itÖwriting and producing the song himselfÖthe song feelz
great n the topic fit right along wit what we are doingÖI asked him if he
wanted 2 b on the projectÖhe said coolÖall I can say iz dopeÖwhat the
hell iz going on in MarylandÖ
12) My PeoplesÖI did this track n Vee sang some dope ass ooohhhs n
aaaahhhs 2 add dat old flavaÖP Smoovah again on da bass n Pete on
da keysÖbut I could not figure out where 2 go from thereÖdo I want Vee 2
sing a songÖor do I want Paul lace a rhymeÖso I asked Raheem “what
would u do 2 a jawn like this”Öhe said, “write some smooth shit”ÖI told
him n Vee I wanted 2 talk about whatz goin on n the world 2dayÖ15mins
later he came up wit thisÖVee added some moreÖ these guyz r
incredibleÖthis iz not a lazy songÖgive a good listenÖitz very uplifting
13) The MagnificentÖBlak n Paul made me do this introÖI need 2 start of
wit somethingÖold school cutz, P Smoovah on da bass, Pete on da keyz,
Vee wit da ooohhhz n aaahhhzÖnice vibe 2 start off witÖa lil bit of what
makes up The Magnificent
14) WorldwideÖBlak n Paul have always had a chemistry 2getherÖlike 2
old school vets feeding off each otherÖthis song iz hip hop wit a touch of
15) Rock Wit UÖ1 of the best song writers n the worldÖEric
RobersonÖfrom the heated NBA live battlez we ve had me n this brother
have been cool from the day I met himÖhe bring jus as much energy 2
the studio as he does when he s losing n live (sikeÖhe beats me
sometimez)Öhe z a true fan of good musikÖlook out 4 this 1Öhe iz da
shitÖthank u manÖwhatever u needÖhollaÖI m here
16) TravelzÖthis is my favorite Baby Blak songÖhe talkz about our
journey overseazÖ2 Canada and hiz trips 2 FranceÖ1 of the dopest mc s
outÖhis time is nowÖget ready.
17) Love SaviorÖI ve been a fan of Flo Brown 4 a whileÖbut never met
herÖ1 of the dopest, deepest mc sÖmale or femaleÖshe blessed me
with a jewel on this recordÖthank u Flo Brown 4 being trueÖletz keep it
goingÖanytime u want
18) Mystery ManÖPhilly s own Last Emperor is the shitÖI don t know
what 2 say about himÖits time 4 the world 2 know how dope he
izÖthrough no fault of hisÖhis records never came outÖitz a shame that
some1 this incredible hasn t had a chance 4 the world 2 know how dope
he izÖyetÖ.look out Here he comezÖthanks JamalÖif u need me 4
anythingÖjus call

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