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The Piscean Group – The Piscean Group


R2 Records presents a band that have been long time friends of the albums’producer Osunlade. Hailing from his hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri. Although several of the musicians have played a part in his latest effort “Aquarian Moon”, their debut ep focuses more on the funk elements they know so well and were groomed on since the bands’ early conception.
A short but sweet offering, The Piscean Group gives you old school grooves circa 80’s Minnepolis funk.
From the start of “Albanian Blues”, you feel the hand of their director and The I’lle Orchestra create a palette of rich string arrangements alongside a piano riff that’s direct from a sad love story. “Call Of the Ancestors” take us through jungles accompanied by wailing guitars, solid drum cadences, muted solos and african flutes that captivate and hypnotize. “Egguns Psalm” is simply one of those pieces that keeps their concept of groove and hint of orchestra arrangements. “Motorcross” gives a jazz tinged upright bass, open drum traps, mini-moog syntheziser solos and dancing bleeps over a soft wurlitzer.
“Talisman” is definitely the stand out single of the project, with its funky prince like guitar, bass riffs, killer sidestick, ethnic percussions and wah wah clavinets, this one sings praises with its I’lle Orchestra horn arrangements. “The Meeting” is a bit of a departure from the rest of the album as its less live and more studio, with its soft porn overtones, this piece recorded for an upcoming x rated feature film meant to explore the music of the early 70’s porn soundtracks.

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