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Soulsavers – Tough Guys Don’t Dance


Opening with a sonic shockwave that encompasses both epic electronic progressive rock and a moody breakbeat cinematic score, the long-awaited Soulsavers album proper couldn’t sound more awesome. Some journalists have already criticised “Tough Guy’s Don’t Dance” for being a chill out album that’s too miserable to chill to. Of course, they’re missing the point entirely. If the infamous Soulsavers mix CDs are soundtracks to a good time, then this is the anathema. A record for comedowns, break-ups and hangovers. Three heartbreaking songs from Spain’s (the LA rock band, not the country) Josh Haden are interspersed by the kind of instrumental darkness that others have either been trying to craft for years or haven’t got the bottle to actually release. “Rumblefish” has become a downbeat classic of its own, “Closer” recalls the fragile power of Vangelis’ “Blade Runner” score and “Blackout” kicks with stuttering drums a la DJ Shadow’s “Entroducing”. Film studios will be gagging to license these tracks, but they’re more suitable to soundtrack indie flicks such as “Drugstore Cowboy” than crowd-pleasing Hollywood blockbusters.

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